4th of July

Okay. Some folks have been asking where was the 4th of July holiday poem so here goes.

The 4th of July was upon us before we had a chance to think;
The year was already half way over it seemed like in a blink.
What special thing can we do this year to make the 4th complete?
We decided to do something differently, something really unique.

We got up early and made the coffee and ate some buttered toast;
“This is going to be a lot of fun today.” My wife began to boast.
We couldn’t hesitate to get started the waiting was almost a pain;
Nothing was going to stop us today not even sleet, snow or rain.

Quickly in the shower, get dressed and make the bed;
We were beside ourselves with excitement, “I can’t wait!” my wife said.
The food was in the fridge and a watermelon was getting cold;
The fireworks were going to be in the park that night so we were told.

“Are you ready?” I asked my wife as I stood by the door;
To make sure everything was off she ran through the house once more.
We both grabbed our cell phones in case anyone called;
We could tell them where we were at if we are needed at all.

We were on our way, we chatted and talked as we went;
This is going to be a lot of fun, it will be a day well spent.
Thanks to my wife’s quick fingers and thinking we made it with ease;
When we finally got there we both were very well pleased.

It was a very short trip as we quickly made our destination;
There were friends and family waiting for us in excited anticipation.
My wife and I sat quietly as we listened and looked;
This is the best 4th of July we’ve had thanks to Twitter and Facebook!

How I Met My Love Poem

On a warm sunny, summer day a long time ago,
I met my true love down a dusty dirt road;
I knew she was the one I wanted for all my life,
I knew I would one day want her to be my wife;

I couldn’t wait to see her the very next day,
Or the day after that she couldn’t keep me away;
I would sit with her on the swing or in the yard,
I would sit with her under a tree or on the hood of the car;

I wanted to do something special for her on Valentine,
I wanted to tell her I love her to let her know she was mine;
So I sat down with paper and pen in hand,
I didn’t know where to start or where to begin;

I just began to write just what I felt,
My feelings for her just made my heart melt;
I wrote and wrote and the words came with ease,
When I read it to her I knew she was pleased;

She held me close in her lap as I read,
Like a mother holding her babe before retiring to bed;
She wiped her mouth and gave me a kiss with a grin,
She smiled at me and said, “Read it again.”

Knowing she was sent to me from God up above,
These are the words I gave to my one true love;

I love the way you chew yore tobacco,
I love the way you comb yore hair;
I love the way you carry yore wallet,
In your pocket back there;
I love the way you put yore work boots on yer feet,
Honey, I guess yore more man than I’ll ever be.”