And that’s not a typo in the title. I did mean to say ‘jog’ and not ‘blog’.

With all the beautiful weather we have been having lately several of my co-workers has taken to jogging sometime during the day. We have showers in the workplace so it’s not like they would have to smell like sweat for the rest of the day.

I have a manual treadmill on my back porch that I would walk on every afternoon during the winter months. I would put my headphones on, turn on my MP3 player and walk through two or three songs or more. While I’m cooling down I have 2 ten-pound dumbbells that I workout with. So I still get my exercise during the day. I also have a stationary bike that I recently had to put a more comfortable seat on. I get a good workout with it every time I have to pick it up and move it out of my way. Just kidding on that part.

But lately I’ve just been working out outside (cutting bushes, pulling weeds, cutting grass, etc.). That may not be the proper type of exercise that is really needed for the body but I do break a good sweat doing it. The old saying when working out, ‘No pain, no gain.’ So it is apparent that yard work has been a great exercise. Or at least for me it may be too much of an exercise because I’m always real sore after my afternoon yard-work-workout. My wife has even told me that I need to quit doing it and let someone else take care of the yard because it seems like I’m always hurting myself when I work in the yard.

Back to my co-workers, some of them suggested that I ought to join them in their daily run. And don’t think I have thought about it. But I would sit there long enough contemplating it that the feeling does eventually go away. I have come to one conclusion and that is what I like to tell everyone. The Good Lord built me for comfort and not for speed.

Sure there’s a lot of things that I said I would never do that I do now; like watching my weight, health, what I eat, how much I eat. I still drink sweet tea and I still put cream and sugar in my coffee but I drink Diet Coke now instead of regular Coke.

I may not go running or jogging or join a gym and try to become the next Mr. America or Mr. Universe but I will continue to do my light, mild workout. I’ve got my ankles and knees to think about as well now. And it does feel good after a good steady brisk walk.

As these beautiful spring days are upon us and before it gets too hot to do anything outside I do suggest finding someone who would be willing to go on a walk with you. If you have a dog, put them on a leash and take a good afternoon stroll. You will feel a lot better and it is a good way to clear your head after a hard days work.