How I Met My Love Poem

On a warm sunny, summer day a long time ago,
I met my true love down a dusty dirt road;
I knew she was the one I wanted for all my life,
I knew I would one day want her to be my wife;

I couldn’t wait to see her the very next day,
Or the day after that she couldn’t keep me away;
I would sit with her on the swing or in the yard,
I would sit with her under a tree or on the hood of the car;

I wanted to do something special for her on Valentine,
I wanted to tell her I love her to let her know she was mine;
So I sat down with paper and pen in hand,
I didn’t know where to start or where to begin;

I just began to write just what I felt,
My feelings for her just made my heart melt;
I wrote and wrote and the words came with ease,
When I read it to her I knew she was pleased;

She held me close in her lap as I read,
Like a mother holding her babe before retiring to bed;
She wiped her mouth and gave me a kiss with a grin,
She smiled at me and said, “Read it again.”

Knowing she was sent to me from God up above,
These are the words I gave to my one true love;

I love the way you chew yore tobacco,
I love the way you comb yore hair;
I love the way you carry yore wallet,
In your pocket back there;
I love the way you put yore work boots on yer feet,
Honey, I guess yore more man than I’ll ever be.”

Where Are Your Wings Angel?

Ever got that email where it says that friends are only angels without their wings?  I like to think there is some truth to that.  We all are the angel that is sent to someone else, whether we know it or not. 

I heard the story told one time of how a woman always bragged about what God has done for her.  Once a neighbor who was an atheist went and bought a bag full of groceries and laid them down on her doorstep in the middle of the night.  The next day she was bragging about how God brought her some groceries when she didn’t have anything to eat in the house. The atheist called her an old fool and then revealed that he was the one that bought the groceries and put them on her doorstep. She turned and said, “I prayed to the Lord to supply my need and He sent the devil to do it.”

If you don’t believe in Divine intervention maybe this true story will at least make you think about it.  I usually travel one or two ways to work even though there are more than a half-dozen ways to go.  There are only one or two gas stations that I ever stop at to get gas or a drink or anything else I may want or need.

One morning on my way to work I decided to take a route I never travel. I decided to stop at a station I never stop at to get gas.  Nothing out of the ordinary you may think, just a different route to break the monotony of seeing the same scenery every morning.

As I pulled into the station to get my gas I noticed what you and I would call a bum standing at the outside faucet washing his hands and face and getting a drink of water. He had a big backpack with him so I presumed he might have been traveling. We made eye contact and I quickly turned focusing my attention to the gas pump. My thought was I hope he doesn’t come over here and bum me for some money.  While I pumped my gas sure enough he came to where I was. But ironically he didn’t ask for any money or anything else.  He made a comment of how good the water was when he didn’t have any.  One thing my father always taught us children; if you want someone to leave you alone all you have to do is agree with them and let them go.  That’s what I did. I just agreed with him so he would go on his way. 

I went into the store to pay for my gas and the conversation between the employees was the bum outside.  I simply paid for my gas and went back out.  But as I sat in my truck and fastened my seatbelt it was that little voice that spoke to me so clearly.  Give him all the money you’ve got.  No. I wasn’t being held at gunpoint. I was being held at Spirit point.  Either way if we don’t do what is being told then there will be consequences to pay.  He was nowhere to be found but without hesitation I reached into my wallet and took out all the cash I had.  (I’m a poor man so I never have much cash to carry, if any at all.)

As I drove around the back of the station I saw him sitting on a curb resting. I pulled up and handed him the money and told him it wasn’t much but it would help him on his way. He told me he appreciated it and if he saw anyone in need he would help them as well.  I guess that is what you call, ‘Paying it forward’. 

Some may say that was only coincidence, maybe it was. But as I began contemplating it I asked the question: what made me on that particular morning go that particular route? What made me stop at that particular station? There were others, I could have stopped at any of them. 

We all are somebody else’s angel. Everyone holds a key to someone else. You just may be the difference maker in someone’s life when no one else can or could.  That’s why it is important to make everyone around you no matter where you are at to feel loved.  Because we never know whose key we hold and whose door we may unlock.

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. (Hebrews 13:2)