Well, college football is officially over
The scores are in the books;
Alabama won another title
They’re the best in the nation it looks.

It was a waste of time for Lee Corso,
To dress all up in his Irish green;
To declare Notre Dame the winner,
He looked envious of the Tide it seemed.

How about Doctor Lou when he said,
Whose spit proceeded his words;
Declared Notre Dame the winner,
That statement now seems absurd.

There were a few that knew
Alabama would get another crystal ball;
They knew the Fighting Irish
Couldn’t take it and would have a terrible fall.

But who knew it would turn out
The way it turned out to be;
For Saban and the mighty Crimson Tide,
Trophy number three.

Say what you will about championships,
And about how many they really have;
Whether it’s three or fifteen,
All I know is that we have it now.