How I Met My Love Poem

On a warm sunny, summer day a long time ago,
I met my true love down a dusty dirt road;
I knew she was the one I wanted for all my life,
I knew I would one day want her to be my wife;

I couldn’t wait to see her the very next day,
Or the day after that she couldn’t keep me away;
I would sit with her on the swing or in the yard,
I would sit with her under a tree or on the hood of the car;

I wanted to do something special for her on Valentine,
I wanted to tell her I love her to let her know she was mine;
So I sat down with paper and pen in hand,
I didn’t know where to start or where to begin;

I just began to write just what I felt,
My feelings for her just made my heart melt;
I wrote and wrote and the words came with ease,
When I read it to her I knew she was pleased;

She held me close in her lap as I read,
Like a mother holding her babe before retiring to bed;
She wiped her mouth and gave me a kiss with a grin,
She smiled at me and said, “Read it again.”

Knowing she was sent to me from God up above,
These are the words I gave to my one true love;

I love the way you chew yore tobacco,
I love the way you comb yore hair;
I love the way you carry yore wallet,
In your pocket back there;
I love the way you put yore work boots on yer feet,
Honey, I guess yore more man than I’ll ever be.”

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  1. me
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 18:11:44



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