Today I spent Valentine with my first love.
My heart felt higher than the eagles above.
He didn’t say anything when he took me in his arms.
He held me close and I felt so safe and warm.
He looked into my eyes and softly said, “I love you.”
“I love you so much I’ve got something special for you.”
He held me by the hand as he guided me through.
Where was he taking me? Where were we going to?
We walked on and the day seemed so serene.
As I looked around it was the most beautiful day I have seen.
Dogs and cats were playing, birds were chirping in the trees.
Children were running and playing so happy with glee.
We walked down the street I couldn’t see where it ends.
I saw many of my loved ones and many of my friends.
I could not believe as I looked around of all that I see.
I could not believe this is what my first love is giving to me.
We stopped at a beautiful mansion, the kind I’ve only dreamed about.
“This is for you my child.” As he held his nail scarred hands out.
Yes, I’m spending Valentine with my first love forever in his presence.
He was my first love on earth and now he’ll forever be my first love in heaven.