A Big, Big Thank You.

I want to thank each and every one of you that have purchased my new novel (ebook) Mistaken Identity.

Since its release date of January 4th  it has went to #1 on the Smashwords Christian Fiction Bestsellers list.  I was a little skeptical to begin with as it lingered at number 2, then it dropped to number 3 and then to number 4.  I told my wife that it will probably continue dropping as more books are published by other authors.  She reminded me that I am always telling her to be positive and now I was the one being negative.  To say the least I always, ALWAYS get the last word in, “Yes dear.”

We continued asking people to read it, write a review and rate it; which I ask of you as well if you haven’t read it yet.  It is more of a novella than a novel as it is a quick read with less than 40,000 words but that is also why we have it priced so cheap at $1.99.  Less than a soda and a bag of chips.  I have a link to the Smashwords website where you can download it or you can now download it from your favorite book reader on your phone or tablet.  Ebooks are also great gift ideas as you can purchase a copy and send to a friend or relative for a birthday or other special occasion.


The second ebook in the Thaddeus Taite series, ‘Brotherly Love’, will be coming out later this year, probably sometime around June, if all goes accordingly.

I also want to take the time to give a big shout out and thank you to my dear friend Beth Rogers with Around The Loop Publishing (ATL Publishing) for all her hard work and dedication to helping me with this book and all the others.  If you would like to see all that she does here is a link to her website:  http://aroundtheloopdesigns.com/index.html

If you’ve read Mistaken Identity and liked it please pass the word around to others, I would so greatly appreciate it and please rate it and leave a review as well.

Love you all and have a very BLESSED day!


One of the worst weeks in my life was when I broke two, yes 2, recliners in one week.

My loving wife and I decided that we would go all out for our living room several years ago. We decided to buy a whole new living room suit. When we got to the furniture store my wife eyeballed the first sofa setting by the door. She said, “That’s the couch I want.” We didn’t even know the price of it she just decided she wanted it. I’m sure it was meant to be because they had it setting right next to the front door as we walked in.

Did they know we were coming or something? Did my wife call ahead and tell them we were coming? I don’t think any of those things but it must have been destiny for us to walk into that furniture store that day and the very sofa my wife wanted was right by the door. Of course a good furniture store who prides itself on getting that quota for the month and having good sales has a way of putting the nicer, more expensive furniture right in the window or at the front door. I wouldn’t say it was the most expensive sofa in the store but I did find some nice ones hidden amongst all the others that was a lot cheaper. “We’ve got our couch, now let’s go find some recliners that would match it.” My loving bride said.

Where we used to live we had a rather small living room. We decided before we left the house that the best thing for us to do was to just get a sofa and two recliners. That would be all we would need in that tiny living room. We had determined that if we got a whole living room ensemble we wouldn’t have room to walk around or move. So a sofa and two recliners were it.

As we looked at all the recliners we both had mentioned to the salesperson that we wanted our chairs to match. He was quick to point out a nice overstuffed recliner that would match our sofa perfectly. “And we already have another one in the back just like it. So you won’t have to wait a week or longer to get a matching one from the manufacturer.” He said with a smile.

“Really?” I thought.  Is that the “only” recliner you have in the back that matches all these recliners you have out here on the floor? Reluctantly we agreed and wound up buying the not-so-cheap-overstuffed recliner. He did have a good sales pitch though.

The next day they delivered our new  living room set. The large couch with throw pillows and our overstuffed matching recliners. As the men struggled to move the sofa in first I told them to just set it down and my wife and I would rearrange it how we wanted. Then the two recliners. Them things were so big and overstuffed even the two big guys that brought them up the steps and into the house struggled to get them in. As we contemplated how to move our new furniture around we had come to the realization that we really did have a small, small living room. Very small. Once we got everything situated the best way we could figure out we quickly found out that if we both sat in the recliners and let the footrest out then there would be absolutely no walking room whatsoever. Yes, that’s how small our living room was.

When the home was built back in the mid-70’s furniture wasn’t as large and plush as it is today. So there wasn’t any reason to have an extremely large living room, or any other room for that matter for a modest home.

Not long after we moved to where we live now one of our recliners broke and it was time to toss it. My wife and I found another one that would work perfect. It wasn’t a large overstuffed recliner like the one we had but it was good enough. At least it was a lot cheaper and we did have a much larger den to accommodate our large bulky furniture. I will never forget that fateful day when our other overstuffed recliner decided to let me down…literally.

Picture this in your mind if you will. I got a couple of cookies out of the cookie jar in the kitchen and walked into the den and sat down. When I leaned back in the recliner it just kept going…All the way back. And there I went all the way back to the floor…cookies in hand. I called my wife who was in the kitchen at the time to come and help me up.

Our wonderful black lab knows a few words.  She definitely knows what “ride” means and “bed”. Well, I called for help and she came to check on me lying on my back on the floor in the recliner. She sniffed me in the face to make sure I was alright then she helped…helped herself to my cookies. Took them right out of my hand and laid down in the middle of the floor and proceeded to eat them. My wife came in the den just as she saw Sam, the dog, checking on me and then taking my cookies out of my hand. Now she is almost doubled over laughing, while at the same time asking me if I am alright. Thankfully the recliner was overstuffed so there was no way I would have gotten hurt, except for my pride.

After we took that recliner out, we took our other, cheaper, recliner and put it where the broken one had been. So there we were all sitting around one evening a couple of nights later, talking and watching television and now everyone in the household knows the “only” recliner left in the house has to belong to daddy. I sat down and let the foot rest out, no problems, not until I went to let the footrest down. The wooden handle on the side breaks off right in my hand. Now I’ve got a second broken recliner.  All within a week.

But thanks to my smart, redneck ingenuity, I was able to fix a temporary handle for the footrest. And it works perfect, even today. Yep, now I like to call it my “Redneck Recliner”.

One day I’m going to break down and buy myself another new recliner. Another one of those large, bulky, overstuffed kind. One of those that would make a fat boy like me happy to take a nice long nap in while a game is going on television. But lately since I spend more time in the office writing and my wife usually watches television in the bedroom I think that is something that can wait. At least until I can save up enough money I can go and get that perfect recliner.

Oh, and one more thing. I didn’t tell you how I fixed the handle on the other recliner did I? Let’s just say vise-grip pliers is one the best inventions man has ever made. Especially if you have a broken recliner handle.



Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. (Matthew 5:4 KJV)

These past few weeks, especially this past week, we have seen several friends leave us. It has been a sorrowful time for those of us who hate to see them go. Even though we call it a “home going” or a “celebration of life” we can’t help but show sorrowful emotion for those that have gone on.

We know that from here on we can only hold them close in our hearts and not in our arms. Hear their voice in our heads and not in our ears. Think about the good times we’ve had with them. And laugh at something that was said or done. It was only after my parents had went on to be with the Lord that I didn’t realize how much of my father’s quirky quotes I could remember. Or the way my mother would get onto my father for saying such quotes. “Edsel!” Would be all she would say. It wasn’t just what she said but how she said it and the expression she gave. He would only laugh about it.

If I ever said, “Well, it’s like this.” My father would speak up and say, “And if you turn it around it’d be like that.” Once I heard him talking about a person being so lazy that they couldn’t shew chickens off a flatbed truck. I couldn’t sit here and tell you a lot of the sayings he had unless something triggered it in my mind.

When my dad died on May 23rd 2004 it was then that I realized that he didn’t die at all he just got a new birthday. A little over a year later my oldest sister, Barbara Ann (Tadlock) Wood, left us on June 10th 2005 after battling the dreaded disease called cancer. That’s why I always say we don’t need to win the war on cancer one day but we need to win it today. Three years later on May 29th 2008 my loving mother left us.

The reason I can remember dates so well is because I’ve always associated it with some other event in life. When I walked down the aisle of Highland Home High School to receive my diploma in 1986 little did I realize that on that exact same day 18 years later I would be “celebrating” my father’s life. His “new” birthday. Now when I think about it or if I talk about it you’ll always hear me say their old birthday and their new birthday.

Why do we mourn? Do we mourn because they left us? I don’t think so. Like all those that I know that have gone on before us, they’ve gone on to a better place. A reward of their labor on this old earth. No pain, no hurting, no worries, no bills (Haha). All that is behind them now. I think the reason we mourn is not that our loved ones have left us but that we can’t go. We all want to go to a better place and if we love our family, friends and most importantly, love the Lord and give our heart and life to Him then we can one day go to that better place.

God tells us in Isaiah, For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. (Isaiah 55: 8,9 KJV)

I want to tell you all that has lost a loved one recently that I am so very sorry for your loss but I also want to tell you that I love you. Because if we never see each other again I want that to be the last thing you hear from me. I love you.

Now go and get ready to “CELEBRATE” your loved one’s “new” birthday.

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