A Big, Big Thank You.

I want to thank each and every one of you that have purchased my new novel (ebook) Mistaken Identity.

Since its release date of January 4th  it has went to #1 on the Smashwords Christian Fiction Bestsellers list.  I was a little skeptical to begin with as it lingered at number 2, then it dropped to number 3 and then to number 4.  I told my wife that it will probably continue dropping as more books are published by other authors.  She reminded me that I am always telling her to be positive and now I was the one being negative.  To say the least I always, ALWAYS get the last word in, “Yes dear.”

We continued asking people to read it, write a review and rate it; which I ask of you as well if you haven’t read it yet.  It is more of a novella than a novel as it is a quick read with less than 40,000 words but that is also why we have it priced so cheap at $1.99.  Less than a soda and a bag of chips.  I have a link to the Smashwords website where you can download it or you can now download it from your favorite book reader on your phone or tablet.  Ebooks are also great gift ideas as you can purchase a copy and send to a friend or relative for a birthday or other special occasion.


The second ebook in the Thaddeus Taite series, ‘Brotherly Love’, will be coming out later this year, probably sometime around June, if all goes accordingly.

I also want to take the time to give a big shout out and thank you to my dear friend Beth Rogers with Around The Loop Publishing (ATL Publishing) for all her hard work and dedication to helping me with this book and all the others.  If you would like to see all that she does here is a link to her website:  http://aroundtheloopdesigns.com/index.html

If you’ve read Mistaken Identity and liked it please pass the word around to others, I would so greatly appreciate it and please rate it and leave a review as well.

Love you all and have a very BLESSED day!

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