That’s a word that is rarely if ever is put together into one sentence, especially during an election year. After the primaries and the run-off elections usually that’s when the gloves come off.  All the candidates are one step closer to achieving the ultimate goal. Winning the election. Taking that top spot they have worked so hard for in the last few months. That is when one candidate starts bashing another over what they did in the past; their political career being smeared all over the television, radio and in newspapers.

 But hopefully in this year’s Alabama governor’s race we won’t be seeing any of that. Both candidates agreed to address the issues at hand, and you and I both know there are a lot of them, instead of addressing each other’s past issues. It is about time candidates look toward the future, focus on the future, address the future and move toward the future.  I could care less what Ron Sparks or Robert Bentley did in the past. What are they going to do for me and other Alabamian’s for the next four years?  I think no matter which one I vote for Alabama will be getting a good governor in either one.  Both are already showing their true personality by agreeing on one thing, a clean campaign.

Hopefully this will start a new trend for future political candidates on every level.  Address the issue, not each other’s faults. I don’t want every other commercial I see on television be about who voted for or against what in 1996 or before. Or who is supporting who and making shady deals behind closed doors.  My grandmother had a saying for all that. ‘It’ll all come out on Wash Day.’

I look forward to a great election this year. Will both candidates continue to hold true to their word till November even when the polls may be against them?  Time will tell and if they do Alabama has a lot to look forward to in the next four years.  There won’t be any losers because the one who doesn’t move into the governor’s mansion next year will continue to be a good person with good quality and integrity and that goes a long way.

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