(This is for all the bus drivers whose work and dedication doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you all for all you do in taking care of our children on the roads.)

The school buses were lined up neatly all in a row,
Waiting for all the little children to get out of school so they could go;
Dropping them off at their houses all over town,
The driver wanted to get home before dark and before the sun went down;

He shook his head as he looked in his mirror at the loud and wild bunch,
“What did they feed you at school today was it sugar for lunch?”
That was the wrong question as nine-year-old Alfred heard what he said,
Being the smartest kid in school he raised both hands along with his head,
He began to explain everything right down to the number of carbohydrates,
How much fat and calories was in it and how much he ate.
The driver drove on and listened but Alfred was becoming a real bore,
He mumbled to himself “Just be calm its just a few stops more.”

They suddenly got quite he turned and looked around,
Then he heard the one thing he dreaded that one little sound;
His eyes got watery as he tried to hold his breath,
He was trying his hardest while his face turned blood red;

He slid his window wide open to let the fresh air blow in,
He leaned over and stuck his head out so he could breathe again;
He knew it wouldn’t help but he turned on the wipers,
He looked in his mirror and said, “Someone needs to check their diaper.”

The last one is off he finally got some peace and quite,
He looked around behind him but something wasn’t quite right;
There stood six-year-old little Suzy with her backpack on in the aisle,
She looked up at him with big brown eyes and a snaggle-tooth smile;

He mumbled again as he shook his head from side to side,
He wondered how he missed her where did she hide?
He looked down at her and he didn’t want to make a big fuss,
When he asked her she said, “I guess I got on the wrong bus.”