Christmas is over the tree and lights are taken down,
Another birthday is behind me another new year has come around.
We’re all looking forward to this New Year,
The wife and I decided we’ll make new changes here.

A New Year’s resolution, quit a bad habit or go on a diet,
Start doing some exercises get our bodies back right.
Of course after all the bowl games is when I plan to start,
Because dieting during bowl week isn’t quiet smart.

I flip through the channels until I find ESPN,
I kick back in the recliner the wife says, “Not again.”
I feel I’m in total control with the remote in hand,
I tell her I need to know who is going to win.

I’m taking in the ball game with anticipated glee,
“I can’t believe that call! Apparently that Ref can’t see.”
The defenses are strong neither team can score,
Eventually I fall asleep, the punting has become a bore.

I wake to find that something isn’t quite right,
The wife had changed the channel thus began our first New Year’s fight.
I get mad and call her a name,
She gets mad and calls me the same.

Both of us are mad and she’s really irate,
I think as she throws the remote ‘Boy can she throw straight.’
She storms into the kitchen, I’m rubbing my head,
I lay back in the recliner and yell, “I heard what you said!”

But before the night is over and more words are said,
We’ll make up and I’ll kiss her goodnight before retiring to bed.
Yep, it’s going to be a mighty fine year, I do declare,
I’ll just hold off on my resolutions until next year.