Facebook Changes

The only time I ever post anything on my Facebook page is when I post something off this website, david-tadlock.com. I have been thinking about it lately that I never put anything straight to my Facebook page.

Anyone who knows me knows that I read a lot. Someone once said to be a good writer you have to read twice as much as you write; which is what I try to do. I’ve even changed up my reading habits for 2016. I don’t like to read all genre of novels but I try to be open in my selections.

For instance, I’m not a big fan of werewolves, vampires or zombies. I know there’s a lot of writers who have jumped on that bandwagon since that is the most popular thing going right now.  But it’s just not for me.  I try to read classic novels as well as a modern day novel, I had to force myself to read Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  It’s considered a classic and I wanted to read it to say I’ve read it but for me it was hard to get through.

Another thing about the werewolves, vampires and zombies of today some writers have written books where there is the good ones, bad ones, those that are born again Christians and those that are not.  Exactly how does a vampire or zombie become a born again Christian?  If those kind of books are for you then that’s fine and I don’t have a problem with it.  Just don’t ask me to read them.

Back to my Facebook page.  I thought about the books I have read.  Recently my loving wife had come across a super, super deal at a flea market or yard sale somewhere and she came home with boxes and bags full old western novels.  Louis A’mour, Elmore Leonard, Norman A. Fox and Frederick Faust (as some would know by his pen name, Max Brand).  Most of the old western movies were made from the writings of these authors.

Since I have such an extensive library now of all kinds of books, some old, some very old and some new, I decided that I wanted to share with you the books that I read.   So beginning now if you follow me on Facebook I will start putting a copy of the book I read and my review of it on my Facebook page.   And if you have Facebook you’re more than welcome to like my page and follow me on Facebook.  I tried Twitter and really didn’t care much for it.

Maybe it will encourage you to start looking a little more closely at the treasure trove of books that are available to you at your nearest flea market or at your neighbor’s yard sale.

Love you all and happy reading!


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