The Christmas Party

It was the first time I was invited to a Christmas party given by co-workers. I think because of the unwaveringness in my faith it may have been the reason anyone was reluctant to invite me in times past. Not to mention the fact that I over-heard the company manager talking to some others as to what time to be there. “To be where?” I asked inquisitively as I walked through the door.

“Ah, um, some of us in the company are having a Christmas party this Friday night. Hey, why don’t you come to it? But I must warn you there will be drinking going on. But we will have punch and other things to drink too, and there’ll be plenty to eat.” I could tell the uneasiness in his speech that he was really nervous about even mentioning it to me or of my knowing it. So I knew I needed to break the ice and let him, and the others know, that it will be okay. Just because I don’t drink, doesn’t mean I still can’t go and have a good time with them.

“I think that will be great! That’ll be okay if everyone else drinks, besides, I’m sure some of you alcoholics will need a designated driver anyway, right?” I laughed and made light of the situation to make them feel more comfortable. It’s not that I wanted to fit in and be ‘like’ them. I did want them to know that I’m not completely uptight and straight-laced as some may believe or think, even though I still would want to hold to my Christian values. I would rather go to the party and help my co-workers get home safe than not go and something dreadful happen to any of them.

The night of the party I arrive at the door. I could hear outside the door that some of my co-workers were already enjoying the evening. ‘Man’ I thought to myself, ‘some of them already had too much eggnog it sounds like.’ I ring the doorbell and almost instantly the company manager opens the door.

“Hey, Dave! Well you did make it. Come on in! Hey, now we’ve got snacks over there on that table” As he pointed to a table in the corner that held a wide variety of culinary delights along with a big bowl of red punch and cups. “There’s punch over there too, but now if you prefer a good stiff drink I can get you one of those as well.” He laughed making light of my presence.

“Thanks, but no thanks, I’ll just stick to the punch, like I said before, it looks like I’ll be driving some of you home tonight anyway.” We both laughed as he poured me a cup of punch and I mixed and mingled among the crowd of co-workers. Conversations turn to everything from football to gardening to the latest craze of foods and fashion.

Finally someone turns the music up and some of them drunken idiots try to do the tango. Only to be making complete fools of themselves. I go over to the punch bowl and pour myself another cup of punch. I make a comment to one co-worker, “That’s some great tasting punch. I need to find out who made it and get the recipe for my wife.” My co-worker just smiled at me and nodded his head in approval as he walked out to where everybody was dancing and started swinging his hips in drunkenness as well.

I take a big gulp of the punch emptying the contents of the cup in one upheaval and pour myself another cup. “Look at those idiots, I know I’m going to have to drive some of these home tonight. I’m so glad I came. It would break my heart if anything happened to any of them. I need to get out there and show them how to dance. Dog-gone I need a bigger cup for my punch. Everybody else is drinking beer, whisky and wine anyway. I think I’m the only one drinking the punch. But it sure is good.”

I go to the manager and asked him if they had any bigger cups or glasses and he pointed me in the direction of the kitchen. The music and everyone is so loud now I have to holler at him for him to hear me. “I’ll be the only sober one left here when we leave tonight. Hey, let me know when you need me to take someone home. I’ll be happy to help. Now wet me find me a bigger grass.” I find the kitchen and get me a bigger glass and go back to the punch bowl and pour myself several dippers of punch. As one of my female co-workers come over to the table to get a bite to eat I make small talk with her.

“Hey Dave! You want me to fill your glass up with punch?” She asked with a smile.

I looked and noticed my glass was empty. Perplexed I told her “It must have a hole in it, because I just filled it up. Yea, you can fill it up for me.” As she pours me more punch she commented on how great the party was. “Yea, I tink its great too. I tink shum of dem is already getting a little inebriated dough. But I’m goin’ to drive ‘em home if need be.” She just laughed and walked on and joined another group of her female co-workers in one of the corners.

“Man, look at all those idiots trying to dansh. I’m grad I’m stickin’ to drinkin’ the punsh. I wouldn’t want to be sheen as a drunken idiot like them. Let me git out dare and show dem how to dansh.” I stepped out there in the middle getting my move on. I knew they could take a few lessons from me. Everyone stepped back forming a circle around me, moving to the beat of the rhythm of the music and clapping, cheering me on.

I heard someone say, “You go Dave! Show us how it’s done!” They’re really laughing it up and having a good time. I’m sure after all this I’m probably going to be booked up all next year giving dancing lessons.

“Whew, itsh hot in here. Wet me git another drink of punsh. And I’ll be right back.” I go and fill my glass full of punch one more time when I heard someone asked who wanted to do the Limbo. “Uh oh! I bet nobody can beat me at the Wimbo. Wait till I get my punsh.” Another big gulp of punch, I put the glass down and shout to them, “Make way! I’m goin’ to show you how itsh done! I’ll bet any of you I’ll be the wast one standin’ when all dish is done.”

As the line got started I didn’t waste any time showing how low I can go. But apparently I must have bumped my head on the coffee table or something while doing it because I woke up the next morning in my own bed with a terrible headache. I’m glad to know everyone got home safely. I can’t wait for next year’s Christmas party and I hope they bring some more of that great tasting punch.

I know I had a good time because everyone told me I did.

(A fictional story)

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