Ever have one of those weeks when a lot of things happened in your life in the past all in one week? This week is the week for me.  June 8th my oldest brother turned ?.  Okay, I know but I’m not telling.  I didn’t forget to wish him a happy birthday though. 

If my parents were alive on June 9th they would have been married for 55 years.  They were married for 48 years before my father passed away in May 2004.

 Even though my brother wasn’t the oldest of the siblings we use to tease my parents by saying he was born on June 8th and mama and daddy got married on the 9th.  Daddy would laugh about it and mama would get on to us and tell it correctly. 

 And it’s still fresh in my memory of when I lost my oldest sister to cancer on June 10, 2005. She was only 48 years old. That’s why I would like to do my part in helping to fight and win the war on cancer.  My novel, “Woman of Courage” isn’t about her but I did have her in mind while writing.  I also had several other people in mind that were close to us that we lost to cancer. 

 Recently I got an email from someone and the song playing in the background was “Memories” by Elvis Presley.  I found myself captivated more by the song than the poem that was attached to it.  “Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind; Memories sweetened through the ages just like wine…” When you have a chance look it up and take a listen. 

 I think long and often of things my parents would say. Advice they would give. I have found myself saying many times I know why mama and daddy did this or said that.  We have video now so it’s wonderful to get the old Christmas videos out and look and listen to their voice one more time. 

This is not a tough week for me as some would think. I count it as a good week. It’s a good week of memories.

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