Okay I didn’t know if WordPress would allow me to use the real title in my blog as the recent movie depicts; as in the A and the double S.  Even if WordPress did allow me to use it I still don’t think I would have anyway. I haven’t seen the movie but looking at previews it just doesn’t seem to appeal to me very much. In other words I seriously doubt I would go and see it.  I do like action movies and I do like comedies.  Put both of them together and usually it would be a movie that I would really enjoy. 

My point in question though is the title of the movie itself.  Is it okay now to go to school and tell your teacher and other classmates you went and watched this movie, or even to say the phrase? How about going to church on Sunday morning and your pastor or a Sunday school teacher asking you what movie did you go see last night?  I can’t help but laugh at myself even at the thought if it.

Roger Ebert gave it one star out of four.  His words were “morally reprehensible”. Several other critics had given it a low rating as well.  I’ve read reviews of people who have gone and watched it and said it was a great action movie with lots of violence and bloodshed.  But many of them also said it’s not for youngsters (Even though one of the main characters is an 11 year-old girl). I’m not going to judge the plot of the movie and how it played out because that wouldn’t be fair to the creators or the actors and actresses of this film since I haven’t seen it.  The title alone will more than likely keep me away.  Okay, so I’m old fashioned but I just wouldn’t be able to bring myself to tell someone like a pastor, teacher or anyone else that I went and watched that movie.  “What movie did you and your family go see last night?”

“Oh we went and watched Kick Butt.”? It just doesn’t sound right using another phrase so I guess I’ll just leave it alone. 

Though my child is grown if I had any small children I wouldn’t want to take them to see it not only because of the title but it also has an R-rating.  So if its not for the kids and old fogies like me then I guess the only ones that would go and watch it would be older teens and the twenty-something crowd. Want to watch a good comedy/action movie that is suitable for the whole family?  Try to find the movie ‘3 Ninja’s’ (1992, Touchstone Pictures).   Now that is a great action movie for the whole family without all the blood, guts and gore and there were even a couple of sequels to it as well.

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  1. B arbie Davis
    Apr 27, 2010 @ 15:07:34

    David, I absolutely agree with you. The title turns me off. The 3 letter word for derierre is used way too much now days. It is becoming an everyday word and everybody’s ears are becoming desensitized to it including our children’s.


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